Our Approach Sets Us Apart

We treat every search like an executive search.

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We Rarely Run “Job Board” Advertisements

Our team hand-selects working professionals who are gainfully employed but curious about making a career change. We begin every search by following an executive search model. Regardless of the role, we spend significant time researching competitors to identify crossover industry targets, transferrable skills, and specific target candidates. We then compile a short list of 200 ideal candidates to research, engage, and interview.

The Search Process Is Customized to Your Needs

We perform unique research and sourcing methods for every search; the same approach to every search doesn’t yield the best results.
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Recruiter conducting job interview with applicants in office

The Rainier Recruiting Team Is Comprised of Senior Recruiters ONLY

The sophistication of our searches doesn’t justify hiring junior-level recruiters. Our work environment is for productive, self-motivated adults only. No micromanagement, no handholding; everyone is expected to produce results.

Our Services

Contract Recruiting Services

Add to your team on a contract or consulting basis. If you need individuals with specialized skills or talent to augment your staff when you want to ramp up to meet demand or grow your business without increasing headcount, then contract recruiting is a flexible talent option.

Contract-to-Hire Placement

Try a Rainier Recruiting employee on location to assess their professional abilities and fit with the corporate culture before extending an employment offer. It’s a risk-free way to hire.

Permanent Placement Services

Let Rainier Recruiting streamline your search for talent. We handle it all on your behalf, including sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates. We present you with the top prospects to choose from.

Professionals We Place


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Our Clients

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